• Zenagen Thickening Hair Loss Serum 1oz

Zenagen Thickening Hair Loss Serum 1oz

  • Brand: ZENAGEN
  • Product Code: ZGSERUM1
  • UPC: 850032919074
  • $34.00

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Revolutionary thickening hair serum that stimulates hair growth while fighting scalp inflammation and irritation. It targets hair loss at the source and grows thicker, fuller hair in the most vulnerable problem areas experiencing hair loss.

Featuring clinically proven hair growth technology, this thickening hair serum utilizes the Zen Restorative Complex to neutralize free radicals and offer a wide array of anti-aging health benefits that restores thicker, fuller hair and heathier skin.
  • Plant-based, non-toxic topical formula penetrates the scalp to deliver anti-hair loss technology straight to the hair follicle.
  • Soothes scalp inflammation and irritation for a healthy environment for hair growth
  • Anyone with signs thinning and shedding or visible hair loss
  • Those who do not wash their hair every other day as prescribed by the Revolve System
  • Those looking for a daily dose of Zenagen hair growth technology
Use quick-drying hair serum once daily for optimal results. 

  1. Fill dropper and apply directly to the scalp, focusing on areas of concern and the hair part.
  2. Use on dry or towel-dried hair once per day.
  3. Can be used morning or night.

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